About me

 I first learnt about yoga when I was looking for ways to stretch and increase my flexibility. Soon after, I discovered that yoga is far more than a physical practice - it is an all-encompassing lifestyle. I enjoy exploring the philosophy of yoga and discussing it in my classes.

I completed my first 200hr teacher training in summer 2017 in the Himalayas. In 2019, I finished a 300hr Ashtanga yoga TTC in Goa.

As my teacher spent years studying from BKS Iyengar, I was able to learn first-hand Iyengar’s methods of correct alignment. I try to bring these into my classes to ensure that everyone can get the benefit of each pose.
I look forward to seeing you on the mat!




Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

Intense practice brings about intense relaxation. Get completely immersed in a dynamic Vinyasa flow with sequences centred around Sun Salutations. All poses and movements are intertwined with breath, helping you achieve a meditative state while enhancing your physical yoga practice. Expect to get sweaty, release unhelpful emotions and come out of the class in a blissful state.

Morning Rise & Shine Yoga

Energise your body and get ready for a new day. We will dive into the class with a series of yummy stretches, followed by Sun Salutations to warm up the body. We will then go on to explore a series of standing poses. The class finishes with a couple of longer, calming poses before we rest in Savasana.

Calming Yin Yoga

With elements of yin yoga, this practice enables your body to gain the benefits of asanas in a calm and relaxing manner. We will start the class with a series of stretching poses before moving on to our yin asanas. These will help you to gently refresh the connective tissues and joints all over the body. Expect to finish the class with a guided meditation to calm the entire mind, body and soul.


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